Joy Rising

Emotional Fitness for Equestrians (& so much more!!!)

Overcome what's been holding you back and get to living in joy aligned with your dreams and desires.

Joy Rising offers a powerful inward approach to breakthrough and transformation.

The Maven Method is known for real life results and lasting transformation.

Welcome to this special community of Joy Risers!! I am so excited you're here!

Let me show you around while you feel into your heart if this Joy Rising journey is right for you!

Joy Rising is for you if you want freedom from any of the following:

    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Trauma
    • Stress
    • Overwhelm
    • Burnout
    • Perfectionism
    • Self Esteem Issues
    • Self Criticism
    • Self Sabotage

  • Fear
  • Catastrophizing
  • Loneliness
  • Abandonment
  • Rejection
  • Heartbreak
  • Grief
  • Procrastination
  • Feeling Stuck
  • Wanting more from life

Here are just a few things you can do in Joy Rising:

Take classes on a variety of life up-leveling topics

Access to life changing neuroplasticity based resources

Receive breakthrough in the mind while you sleep!

Fun processes that powerfully align your mind with your dreams for ultimate breakthrough

Even take me riding with you! Have a FEI coach available to you at anytime!

Connect with a loving and supportive community of horse people (optional!)

Opportunities to be coached live by me!

Learn from some of my amazing and talented colleagues

And even spend time with God in the Encounter Room 

And so much more!!

Ashley Maven
Michelle Joy

“Anxiety, people-pleasing, negative self talk and feeling stuck/stagnant have all been things I struggled with for years both in my riding and just life in general.

Now I’m genuinely excited about the future and go about life and riding in a much more peaceful and joyful way!

I’m just so thankful to Ashley for all her help over the past 2 years. She has been my Emotional Fitness/Life Coach, Horse Trainer, and now my Coach in Joy Rising. All that she’s taught me has made lasting changes in both my horse Auli’i and myself.

We are more relaxed, confident, balanced and are able to really ride with joy and softness between us. ❤️

I am not one to typically promote peeps or things, BUT Ashley has just released a new program for equestrians called Joy Rising. I’ve been doing the program for a few weeks and have worked with Ashley in the past in both horse training and her private life coaching and it’s been life changing!

Please check out her program Joy Rising!”

Ashley Maven
Kim Shinn

“All I can say is WOW! I have spent the rest of my day basking in the "feeling" of what you helped (my horse) Rose and I accomplish today😌......I have watched the Joy Rising videos and the difference in both of us is astounding.....RELAXATION!!!!

THANK YOU so very much for not only giving me confidence back in what Rose and I can do together, but in giving me HOPE!

Thank you for allowing God to work through you🥰😘😍

Also, the live call in Joy Rising was truly a special time and perfect wind down time after our ride.

I am receiving such beautiful support and encouragement from Ashley and her program Joy Rising💓.....and Rose is benefitting as well. Happy Horse Happy Rider😁🥰💞

I honestly think Rose was saying "thank you"......that was the first kiss I have received from her and we are going on 3 years together🥰”

You asked!! I listened!!

Special pricing options available for a limited time! See below!


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Monthly Commitment


12 Month


per month

Paid in full $900

12 Month Commitment


Joy Rising is most definitely for you if you desire any of the following:

  • The proven Maven Method to freedom from emotional suffering patterns
  • Breakthrough in all areas of your life
  • Build strong emotional fitness
  • Live life anchored in joy 
  • Let go of what has been weighing you down
  • End toxic life patterns
  • Bust through unconscious limits of your mind that have been holding you back
  • Get to your dreams, desires, and goals from the inside out
  • Not only increase your performance with horses but with all areas of your life!
  • Receive high level support and coaching in a loving community at the fraction of the normal cost.

I'm Ashley Maven and I'll be your head Coach here at Joy Rising!

This is my heart stang Koya, aka the Baby Wild.

I also have my dinos Laredo and Ox (overgrown imported warmbloods), a  baby horse who is a burst of joy, her name is Sunday (she's a draft cross).

I also have a three legged tiger wolf pup named Rayna (some say she's a dutch shepherd), and a leeeeezard named Sir Knoxley. 

In time, you'll get to know us all, I'm sure!


Some of you may know by now or have seen this video, but it's worth reviewing before we take our journey together.

I used to be a Grand Prix Dressage rider, trainer, and clinician and competed through the FEI. Even though I was living my dreams, I was still carrying the massive weight and heavy burden of a lifetime of trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, panic, ADD, and supposed learning disabilities and more. I was even suicidal as I was told there was no hope.

Y'see, I had been told from a young age that I could only ever manage these debilitating symptoms, and I'd never be free. At the height of it, the doctors put me on 11 psychoactive meds. I was living a real life nightmare.

This is my story of freedom and how I've helped countless others into freedom too in my Private Practice which is based on Neuroplasticity and Life and Success Coaching.


Joy Rising is FULL of resources and content for you to up level all areas of your life!



Here are just some of the places you can visit while on the Joy Rising Virtual Campus!

  • Classroom
  • Mind Gym: the Sleep Room, the Awake Room, & the Stables
  • Lounge: Connect Cafe & Mocktail Hour
  • VIP Room
  • Encounter Room
  • Bookstore

Let's take a look around at each!

I'll explain all the areas of Joy Rising, and what you can expect!

Get excited!! Change starts here!!


Classroom is in session! Well... it's always in session at Joy Rising! 

Here is where all your Joy Rising lessons are! We will cover a variety of transformational topics! 

The biggest challenge I've found with other subscription sites is the classes are simply too long... it's hard for me to focus or find the time. So I end up wasting money. Well, not here at Joy Rising!

I designed this program so you can get in, get what ya need, and then get going! 

Or take a little siesta in the Sleep Room.


Exclusive 24/7 access to the Mind Gym! 

Here is where you'll take your mind for an amazing workout so you can build new unconscious resources, new emotional patterns, new neural pathways, and bust through mind limits!

Spoiler alert, although we will for sure be covering everything equine, these resources are designed to improve all areas of your life!!!

There are 3 different rooms you can visit in the Mind Gym!


The Sleep Room 

Oh yes you heard that right! Take a little snooze and let the audios do the work for you!

These are my clients favorites! Powerful resources that help eradicate old suffering patterns, break through unconscious limits and get you towards your dreams and goals.


The Awake Room 

Follow along to the recordings while awake and your mind will get to working for you!

Special neuroplasticity protocols will help totally rebuild your inner world. Get your mind working FOR YOU instead of limiting you.


The Stables

You can take me out with your horses and even riding with you!

Simply press play and I'll coach you through some awesome mind, nervous system, motor pattern strengthening work, and more!

My background in sports oriented neuroplasticity coupled with my background in Grand Prix Dressage, equine biomechanics, and partnership based training brings you a unique approach to everything equestrian!

All learning styles welcomed! There will be videos, audios, written content, and more!


Have questions? Come relax in the Lounge!

This is where you'll find Mocktail Hour (Joy Rising's version of Q&A. Relax, ask, and receive from Coach Ash!) There will be opportunities to be coached live!

Also in the lounge you will find the Connect Cafe. Here is where you can connect with other Joy Risers should you wish to! 


You have a  bonus backstage pass to the VIP Room!

It's no secret that I have some of the most talented professionals in my network and they're so excited to share their brilliance with you!! Come hear from some of my favorite superstars in the VIP Room!


Bonus Encounter Room!

God awaits you here! My greatest passions are God, Horses, & the Mind. Here I will share one of my greatest passions with you. If you need prayer or to be in the presence of God, this room is for you! Warning: miracles may follow.

*Please note, ALL are welcome here at Joy Rising. My faith is a huge passion of mine. This room is considered a bonus room as I know that not everyone shares my faith. Visit here if you want. And if not, that's okay too.


Check out some of my favorite resources at the Bookstore!

Here you'll find some of my favorite books and other resources! Including special offers from some of my sponsors!

The whole Joy Rising program is designed to be easily accessible, easily digestible, and realistically implementable!

Even though Joy Rising offers sooooooo much, and will only continue to grow with resources as we go, I've purposely made it easy to get around and user friendly!

New content will be released across Joy Rising each month! 


Is Joy Rising for you?

I believe those called to Joy Rising will have a knowing in their heart that it's time to take care of themselves as well as they take care of their beloved horses. 

Often our equines get the absolute best care we can provide for them, while we put ourselves last. 

I bet if your horse could talk, he or she would lovingly nudge you and say "please focus on you, take a little of the pressure off of me, and let your Joy Rise! See how that transforms our relationship, and your life!"

Ok, so your horse may just say "Give me carrots!" if given the opportunity to talk, but you get the point!

I'm excited to pour into you at Joy Rising, the first equestrian virtual program of it's kind! See you there!

What a few of my past clients have to say...

Ashley Maven
Debbie Marden - CEO of Debbie Marden Design

“Working with Ashley is one of the best decisions I have ever made!

After just one meeting, things began to shift — her guidance is pure gold and the tools she shares are as effective as they are enjoyable. Once anxious, fearful and insecure, I have overcome trauma and grown into a self-assured solopreneur with a thriving interior design business. I have literally blossomed in every way — professionally, personally and spiritually.

Forever grateful for her — so glad I made the choice to invest in myself!”

CEO of Debbie Marden Design

Ashley Maven
Jen Dallas - President, Jen Dallas Inc

“Working with Ashley Maven has changed me in ways I didn’t even know were possible. The life I have now I never knew could be possible.

We all have our “stuff” and the beliefs we have held about ourselves and others since childhood. She has continued to challenge me and give me the tools I need to be successful from the inside out. I have more peace of mind and clarity than I have ever dreamed possible. Every part of my life has blossomed and continues to grow and become more and more easy and relaxed. She has helped me to see the blinders I have held in blocking success and helped me to remove them!

She has given me the keys to my success I needed to enhance every part of my life. I am forever thankful to this fabulous woman! She gives so much to her clients. Everyone needs an Ashley!!!

So thankful for her!”

President, Jen Dallas Inc

Ashley Maven
Mira Rocca  - Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

“I chose to invest in myself and the results have been completely life changing. I just had my third baby one month before I signed up for Ashley’s 6 month Mentorship. I could think of so many reasons why I shouldn’t sign up now, why it was too much, why I wouldn’t have time to do it, etc. The truth is there are no excuses. I took the leap and have been beyond grateful ever since. I thought I had a great life before, but Ashley helped me take it to a whole new level. I transformed my practice to only working about 10 hours a week, and making at least twice what I used to make working full time. Some months even three times that. What!! Unbelievable right, but its true. I now work three mornings a week only seeing the ideal clients that I want. She helped me create a big picture plan for my business, all with the foundation of working less, making more, and being happy!! Ashley is a true genius and a special soul. With her strength, wisdom, intuition, love, and guidance she supported me in truly taking my life to a new level. I cant wait to see how my life continues to evolve.

I am forever grateful to you! Love you mama!!!”

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Ashley Maven
Smadar R - Psychologist

“It has been my blessing to have met Ashley; she as helped guide me through my fears and due to her compassion and kindness I have come out a stronger women. I have found the courage to challenge my thoughts and the strength to live a life I deserve, full of blessings and happiness. Thank you Ashley for all that you give.”


Ashley Maven
Lisa McDonald - Owner, Lisa's Home Management Services

“Ashley has had such a huge impact on my life! Through applying Ashley’s guidance and wisdom and receiving her help, these are the major life upgrades I’ve experienced. It’s out of this world!

I’ll start off by saying as a Christian believer Ashley has helped me with my relationship with God so much! When I need wise counsel, Ashley is the first call I make. It’s incredible how prophetic she is and how she ministers to me, she blows me away how she can deliver Godly wisdom. You know it’s coming from God!
I left a job I hated after being there many years and opened up my own successful business doing what I love to do! And I make way more money. I had held onto a job I couldn’t stand because I was scared to leave. But with Ashley’s help, I am successful in what I love doing! In fact my business is so blessed, I often have a wait list.
When I met Ashley I was in a horrible relationship and have a history of abusive relationships, today I’m so grateful to be in a loving committed relationship with a wonderful man who treats me better than I’ve ever been treated by a man.
I left a chaotic living situation and was able to move to my dream home!
My children have been so blessed by Ashley, we all love her!
I am the happiest I have ever been and love my new found freedom, peace, and joy!
As others have said, Ashley is the real deal and if you want true change and results, I highly recommend you work with Ashley. If you want real inner healing with results as well as experience life in a whole new joyful way, you’ve come to the right place!”

Owner, Lisa's Home Management Services

Common questions:

Q: What's the membership commitment?

A: It's a monthly membership. Stay as long as you like and cancel any time! With that said, this program is designed to be done over a longer period of time. It's like sending a horse with lifelong patterning to a trainer for 30 days and expecting all the things to be totally transformed. The longer you can commit, the better!

There's an option for a 6 month commitment and 12 month commitment which offers an even further discounted rate, if you choose one of those options than the membership commitment is for those time frames.

Q: I don't live close to you nor am I sure I can make anything live, can I still join?

A: Yes! This program is totally virtual, move through it at your own pace, and everything is recorded! You won't miss a thing!

Q: I don't currently own a horse but I love horses! Can I join?

A: Sure!! There's plenty of life enhancing resources available to you! Some of the content will be specific to horses but that's just one sliver of the awesome Joy Rising pie!